Writing about my everyday life is something I have always wanted to do and since I am coming up to an exciting point in my life, I figured why not start now?

My husband, dog, and I will be leaving Germany by the end of this month to go back to America where as of right now we are not completely sure where we will be headed. The only reason we live in Germany right now is because my husband is in the army, but he is getting medically retired and we are simply waiting on his final release form which should come next week so that we can start preparing to leave.

Of course we are already getting prepared though to leave as we have boxes, and sharpies. We thankfully also have a passport for our dog since she actually came from Hungary to get to Germany so it will easy to get her into America.

This is a short post, but this is me just getting this whole thing started and I will have longer and better posts later down the road.


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