It may seem kind of ridiculous, but I have started packing up some of our house even though we don’t know the date we will actually be leaving Germany. The thing is though, we know we will be leaving at the tail end of April and my husband will be getting his release form sometime this week and we will then know what day we are leaving.

So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start packing up the decoration type stuff in our house and just things we won’t be using in the next couple of weeks. I thankfully won’t have to pack the whole place myself as the movers will actually pack anything I have left unpacked as that is how it works when you’re in the army (or in this case leaving the army).

The weather has also been starting to finally get warmer and our dog Umbreon has very thick fur that will easily make her hot which leads to us shaving her in Spring. Seeing as it has been warming up we shaved her this weekend and she honestly looks like a different dog, but she will definitely appreciate it later. It is a bit of an adventure though as she hates getting shaved, but thankfully she just sits there and tolerates it for the most part so as not to make it take any longer than it absolutely has to.

One other thing has happened this weekend: I have found a new addiction. I was finally able to get my hands on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the 3DS and I have been practically playing it nonstop it is that much fun. Decorating the house has always been one of my favorite parts of the Animal Crossing series and in this game you even get to design things like a department store and school which makes it even better for me!

That is all for now and I will see you in the next post!


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