Sunny Days

It has finally been warming up and today was actually one of the first real days of sunshine. Of course it had to rain the previous days and make everything humid, but I guess as long as it doesn’t continue forever it’s okay.

In the army in Wiesbaden there is actually a clean up day where everyone enlisted gets the day off for the purpose of cleaning out the apartment stairwells and making the front look good as well. To be honest most people don’t participate in this, but there were a couple people from the apartment across from ours that were out there and they had their dogs tied up outside, so I decided to bring my dog outside for a little puppy play date.

Of course that ended with one of the people taking their dog in because my dog and there dog wouldn’t stop barking.

We are still waiting on the release papers, but they will literally be coming any day now and that is very exciting and I have even been able to pack up some stuff today like shoes I won’t be wearing and some clothes I won’t be wearing as well.

Even though not much is happening at the moment, things will definitely start to pick up very soon and I am actually very much looking forward to the crazy busy time we will soon find ourselves in.


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