Must Clean

Well seeing as today is my normal cleaning day, I decided to take things a step above and do some super cleaning. I’ve heard plenty of stories of how strict the army can be with how clean your apartment has to be when you leave it, so I figured it would be best to get a jump instead of waiting till the last second.

Of course the place still isn’t perfect, but it at least looks a lot better than it did previously. And I hopefully won’t have to spend an entire day cleaning when the time comes.

I also completed the last grocery shopping trip for while we are living in Germany. Since we don’t know the exact date we’ll be out of the apartment I did a have shopping trip and bought dinners for a week and a half, some breakfast and that was pretty much it. We still have plenty of sandwich stuff for lunch which lead to me just buying some more bread. I figured that would be better than buying more food and just having to give it away cause we had too much.

Today also got pretty warm or at least to me it felt like it got pretty warm. I do miss the warm weather, but I don’t want it to get too warm while we’re still here in Germany because at least in the Wiesbaden area it’s very humid and that just makes the heat worse.

Not much else to say, so I guess that’s it for today. Talk to you next time!


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