Finally Arrived!!

It has been a while since I’ve posted on here and that’s just because things got super crazy over the past few months. To give a quick summary: we moved back to America, lived with my parents and then my husband’s parents for a few months and now we are finally in our own apartment in Colorado!!


We are still waiting for our furniture to arrive, but that will be coming next Thursday  the 15th of September. So far we have both been loving it here although it has been a little hot for me. We have great air conditioning though in our apartment so I do get some relief once I come back inside.

As for how jobs have been going my husband should hopefully be getting a better job soon and I actually quit my first job and will now be working as a dog walker/pet sitter. I start tomorrow walking the same dog twice and while I don’t have too many walks scheduled for next week hopefully I will be able to pick up more hours as time goes on.

I have also found out I should not be allowed to look on craigslist in the pets section as we have now adopted a hedgehog because of that. Her name is Shaymin and she is about a year old and just so adorable!! She still isn’t super used to being handled by people, so she will spike up initially, but after literally a second or two she calms down and realizes that it is just mommy or daddy holding her and she is happy with it.


For now that is all I have to say, but I will definitely be posting on here more often now that things have settled down. Thanks for stopping by!