Learning Two Languages

I am currently learning two languages and have been doing so for the past few months. Actually, I took Japanese in high school for two years, so I’ve been learning that one for a longer amount of time. Finding actually helpful and good ways to learn a language can be difficult, so I decided to share the apps that I have been using. IMG_0210.JPG

The app that I have been using for Japanese is called Memrise. It makes it pretty easy to learn as it will present you with the words, have a native speaker sound it out, and it will have you match the word from Japanese to English and vice versa. It also has a type of lesson called “Meet the Natives” and from there you will see a short clip of a person from Japan and who is obviously Japanese say the word or phrase and you will either then click the correct english translation, the correct hiragana text (which for those who don’t know is one of the writing systems used in Japan) or you will have to type it out in Hiragana. This app makes it easy to learn and has a few different lesson styles, such as the previously mentioned audio, writing, and translating. img_0211

The second language I am learning is Italian. As a side note learning two languages at a time is difficult, but it can be made a little easier if you choose two languages that are super different from each other, such as Italian and Japanese. Anyway, the app I use for Italian is called Duolingo. It is great and easy to use and one awesome thing about is it immediately presents a sentence and for any words you don’t know you just have to click on them to get the English word. This app also has someone who reads the Italian words out for you and there are times where you will have to translate a sentence from Italian to English or vice versa and you will sometimes have to listen and type out the sentence you hear in Italian. What’s nice about that is there is an option to play the sentence at a slower speed in case you are having a hard time understanding a native speaker who speaks at a a normal pace.

I believe both of these apps are available in the Apple store and the Google play store (I have an android phone, so I know at least the google play store has them). Duolingo is free and Memrise is free to start, but you will have to pay a one time fee to continue and I believe it was about $5 which I think is totally worth it. Both of them offer multiple languages, so just see if they have the one you want to learn and go from there!


My Current Favorites for Entertainment

I decided that today I wanted to share three things I have been using/doing this past week for entertainment. You may not know this as I haven’t posted too much about it, but I am a rather huge nerd and I love video games and reading so I always have a new book to read or a new game I am playing. IMG_0196.JPG

The book that I have been reading recently is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Pretty much everyone has heard of this book by now and it was one that had caught my eye a few years ago, but I just never got around to picking it up. With the movie having come out not too long ago, I decided it was finally time for me to pick up this book and give it a go and so far I have not been disappointed. It hasn’t really been as creepy as the cover suggests, but that is okay as it is still holding my attention and keeping me reading on so that I can find out what happens. IMG_0198.JPG

The latest game I have been playing is Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits. I loved the first game as I am a pretty big anime fan and some of my favorite animes are more on the slice of life side. This game obviously has RPG type elements and I love that in a game, but it’s made even better by the fact that each chapter plays out like an episode of an anime. The battling system honestly isn’t the greatest and of course I love Pokemon just a little more, but Yo-Kai Watch is quickly making it’s way up to be a favorite franchise of mine. IMG_0199.JPG

The final thing I have been doing a lot is watching YouTube. That in itself is not something new as I do it all the time and the YouTuber I’ve been binge watching recently isn’t even new to me as I have been watching her videos for years. Recently though, I have been pretty watching Marzia (formerly known as CutiePieMarzia) nonstop. She is such a sweet and genuine person and honestly I love her fashion sense and the way she edits her videos. Definitely one of my favorite YouTubers and someone you should check out if you’ve never seen her before.

Let me know what you love to do for fun and whatever books or games or anything you’re currently in!

Foot Correction Surgery

This probably won’t be the most interesting thing I ever post on here, but I decided it might be beneficial to write about it. On February 1st of this year (2017) I will be getting surgery done on my left foot. I actually need this surgery done for both of my feet, but obviously we can only do one at a time. The surgery I am talking about is that my little toe on both feet grew pointing inward and due to this I have tailor’s bunions on both of my feet.

Now this is something I could fix by wearing inserts or special shoes, but the doctor knew that with my being 21 it would be better and more beneficial to just perform surgery and actually fix it. It’s a surgery I’ve needed for a while, but only recently have I been able to actually go in and get something done about it.

Keep in mind that what I say will happen with my surgery and recovery time and what not will not be the exact same for everyone. Please don’t read this post thinking that you will be able to find out exactly how it will go for you, cause that is just not the case. With that in mind, let’s get started on specifics.

First, if you are squeamish or just don’t like medical procedure details skip this paragraph. With that in mind let me tell you what exactly they are going to do to my foot. In order to actually get it fixed they are going to have to break the bone of my little toe so that they can straighten it and when they do straighten it they will insert a metal screw in order to make sure it heals properly and straight. That screw will stay in my foot for the rest of my life so I will have a small screw in each foot for the rest of my life. Once they have my toe straightened they will then scrape off the excess bone or what is known as the bunion. Obviously there is not point in just scraping off the bone seeing as with my toe pointing inward it would just come back after some time and basically make the surgery pointless.

Now let’s talk about recovery. For me I will have to put absolutely not pressure on my foot for the first two weeks after my surgery. Once we hit that mark it will be another four to six weeks of me being in a boot, but it will probably take a little more time after that for me foot to be completely healed seeing as it is a broken bone being healed. Once I reach the six week mark though if the swelling has gone down and I can go back to regular shoes the doctor can actually start looking to get me in to get my other foot done so I could essentially have back to back surgeries.

Anyway that is all I wanted to write for today. There will definitely be some super exciting things happening here soon, but as of right now they’re not set in stone so I don’t want to say anything. Look forward to that though in the future!!

All About My Pets

I decided that even though the animals have been previously mentioned, it was time to formally introduce them all and write a little about them. They are all rescued as I personally want try to try to avoid buying from breeders, but of course there is nothing wrong if you do buy from breeders. This is just my personal choice. IMG_0018.JPG

First we have the dog and first baby Umbreon. She is a Hungarian Puli and this is her shaved actually. If we let her fur fully grow out she would have long dreadlocks and look like a mop and that is because her coat is perfectly weather resistant as these dogs were bred in Hungary to be sheep herders. She is a very sweet girl who isn’t too happy that our collection of pest has grown as that means a little less attention for her. Of course though she is perfectly nice to them all and she will always be special as she is our first baby, whether you count fur babies or human babies


Next is our currently nine month old American Short Haired kitten Spooky. He is a huge cuddle bug and actually very much enjoys being held and loved on. He is kept as an indoor cat and he is fixed. I have seen some people say they think it’s mean to neuter their cat when actually it is healthy for them. They live longer, happier lives when fixed, and they don’t feel the need to mark and destroy your house.


Now we move onto our more unique pets the fist one being the African Pygmy hedgehog Shaymin. Contrary to popular belief you can hold a hedgehog. Really the worst pain you feel is like getting poked with a needle that doesn’t pierce your skin. Hedgehogs do take time to adjust to human touch and interaction and you do have to play with them at least half an hour everyday. They are also nocturnal so that means you have to wait till night to play with them otherwise they won’t really be into it. Definitely do some research if you are considering getting one as their is a lot you need to know about them.


Finally our newest babies, the rats Tatl, Tael, and Peter Pettigrew. I honestly love all rodents and rats are super cute, smart, and clean contrary to popular belief about them. They love being held and cuddled and they can even learn tricks like dogs and can learn their names. Our babies are about 2 months old and each of them is so different from the other, with Tael being the most playful and Peter being the one who would much rather sleep than do anything.

That is all I have time to write about each of my sweet fur babies. If you would like me to write a post specifically on one of them just let me know and I will be more than happy to do that.

Organizing my Jewelry

I got some new necklaces and earrings today and while my earrings are tidy (only because they are stored in a box that has small sections cause it’s technically a bead box) my box for all my other jewelry was a complete disaster. It’s not really the best for organizing jewelry only because it is actually a crafters box I got at Jo-Ann. Either way I decided it was time to clean up the mess. IMG_0190.JPG

This is the unorganized nightmare that was my jewelry before I did any sort of cleaning. Yes, it is a tangled mess where it can take some time to find whatever it is you’re actually looking for. While I was going through it I found a fair amount of jewelry that I never even actually wear, so I decided it was time to just take them out and get rid of them. IMG_0191.JPG

On the very top shelf I have my turtle necklaces in one place, key necklaces in another section and then my two new cat necklaces in the last section. I figured it would be best and easiest if I tried organizing my jewelry by category. IMG_0192.JPG

In the next row we have a two sections for fandom stuff, a place for my new tree necklaces, and then my two anklets. I actually love anklets and definitely need to start wearing the two I have more often cause I really do love them, but first I’ll have to fix the purple turtle one. And yes, I do love turtles a lot, though they are not my favorite animal (foxes are my fav). IMG_0193.JPG

In the very bottom tray I have placed all my bracelets, my watch, and a little purple choker that came with the tree necklace seeing as it didn’t really fit in the other sections. It looks so much better and I will actually be able to find the pieces I am looking for now, which means I will actually start bothering to wear my jewelry and different jewelry at that more often.

Cleaning Out the Closet

So today I took a good long look at my closet and dresser and decided it was time to do some cleaning I feel like I have a lot of clothes and a lot the clothes that I have I don’t even wear. First off let’s look at the closet. IMG_0183.JPG

I don’t know why the pictures turned out kind of blurry, but you can get the idea. There are a lot of things hanging up in that closet. Next let’s look at the dresser or at least the one picture that actually turned out. IMG_0187.JPG

This picture doesn’t show the true magnitude of the fullness of my dresser, but again it’s the best I have. After seeing just how many clothes were sitting there I decided it was time to clear some of this clutter out and donate it. The donating part will be done tomorrow obviously as it is already 6:20 at the time I am writing this post. IMG_0188.JPG

You are seeing it right that is about four grocery bags worth of clothes that I either never wear or just don’t fit me anymore as they are years old (I’m talking like some of these clothes are from early high school and I will be turning 22 in May). Hopefully these clothes will be able to go to people who need them and will actually wear them unlike me once I donate them tomorrow. See you all next time!

I Quit My Job to Write a Novel

This post is going to be a little different than my last few simply by the fact that I won’t post any pictures in this one and it is on a more specific topic. As the title says, I quit my job to write my novel full time.

I have actually been writing novels (though I’ve yet to finish one) and stories since middle school and writing has always been something I was very passionate about. I love to read books and when I watch shows or even play video games a lot of the times I will make up my own characters with their own stories and connections to the characters that already exist in that universe  and insert them into said show or game or whatever.

Of course I do write my own original stories, but as I stated before I have never actually finished one, mostly because I have other obligations like jobs or school and by the time I got home I wanted to more to relax and goof off then work on something seriously. This is definitely a risky thing to do as while we’re not destitute me having a stable income definitely helps with financial situations.

I’m not counting on being J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins status in writing, but this is something I love to do and it has always been my dream to just at least get one novel published. For whatever reason I feel that now is the right time for me to get serious about it and the only way to do that is if I can focus a lot of my time and energy into to it to make sure I can write something I’m proud of and really want to appear on the shelves of a Barnes and Noble.