Seeing as it was New Year’s Eve and we hadn’t done a true clean up since our temporary roommate moved out at the beginning of November, we decided that it was time to organize the house. We got a lot done such as getting Aaron’s office organized, cleaning the animals’ cages and just getting the place tidied up.

Today I decided to finish up the cleaning as there were some places that ended up getting messy due to our straightening out everything else. One such place was the dining room table. It had been clean, but then since it was an empty place we just threw a bunch of our crap onto it as we were cleaning so that we could get that stuff out of the way. It’s still not perfectly clean, but it’s so much better now. IMG_0159.JPG

The next place I had to clean up was my desk. That actually didn’t take too long, but I am still so much happier with it being more organized and wiped off of all the cat litter that used to be there. We had to put Spooky’s litter box on top of Shaymin the hedgehog’s cage as our dog would get in the litterbox. But we went to PetCo the other day and finally got a covered litterbox, so my desk will no longer be covered in litter and his box is out of sight in the bathroom. IMG_0160.JPG

Lastly, I finished cleaning Aaron’s office by vaccuming the floor and getting rid of some empty, useless boxes that had accumulated in there. To give him credit where credit is due, Aaron did 95% of the cleaning of that room by himself when we initially started cleaning the entire apartment and I think he did a great job. IMG_0162.JPG

Our apartment is still definitely not perfectly clean, but it is so much better than it was and I’m super happy and proud of us for taking the initiative to finally clean this place up some.


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