Well it started snowing today here in lovely Aurora Colorado, so I ended up staying home. It’s apparently actually even going to get really bad tomorrow with the fact that Aaron and everyone else at his work was sent home early today to prepare for the snowstorm.

The first thing to do on a snowy day is to make sure you have enough things to keep you entertained while you are indoors. I have a nice desk with a chair that is pretty comfy and I also curl up with one of my eeveelution blankets just to get extra snuggly. I will always at my desk have the current book am I reading, my 3DS, my phone, and my laptop accessible to me at all times as those things are my main sources of entertainment (of course I also have my digital camera for recording and taking pictures). IMG_0169.JPG

My pets also love to just get all snuggly and warm and just sleep the day away. Of course I make sure they get up and get some exercise, but on super cold and snowy days like this one, I naturally want to let them sleep and be cozy. IMG_0168.JPG

That is how I spend my snowed in, super cold days. Of course doing things like making hot chocolate and having nice hot meals also helps me feel nice and cozy inside, but those are pretty much a given for everyone (even if it’s not hot chocolate there will be coffee or tea, I just personally don’t like those two drinks). How do you spend your snowy winter days?



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