Organizing my Jewelry

I got some new necklaces and earrings today and while my earrings are tidy (only because they are stored in a box that has small sections cause it’s technically a bead box) my box for all my other jewelry was a complete disaster. It’s not really the best for organizing jewelry only because it is actually a crafters box I got at Jo-Ann. Either way I decided it was time to clean up the mess. IMG_0190.JPG

This is the unorganized nightmare that was my jewelry before I did any sort of cleaning. Yes, it is a tangled mess where it can take some time to find whatever it is you’re actually looking for. While I was going through it I found a fair amount of jewelry that I never even actually wear, so I decided it was time to just take them out and get rid of them. IMG_0191.JPG

On the very top shelf I have my turtle necklaces in one place, key necklaces in another section and then my two new cat necklaces in the last section. I figured it would be best and easiest if I tried organizing my jewelry by category. IMG_0192.JPG

In the next row we have a two sections for fandom stuff, a place for my new tree necklaces, and then my two anklets. I actually love anklets and definitely need to start wearing the two I have more often cause I really do love them, but first I’ll have to fix the purple turtle one. And yes, I do love turtles a lot, though they are not my favorite animal (foxes are my fav). IMG_0193.JPG

In the very bottom tray I have placed all my bracelets, my watch, and a little purple choker that came with the tree necklace seeing as it didn’t really fit in the other sections. It looks so much better and I will actually be able to find the pieces I am looking for now, which means I will actually start bothering to wear my jewelry and different jewelry at that more often.


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