Foot Correction Surgery

This probably won’t be the most interesting thing I ever post on here, but I decided it might be beneficial to write about it. On February 1st of this year (2017) I will be getting surgery done on my left foot. I actually need this surgery done for both of my feet, but obviously we can only do one at a time. The surgery I am talking about is that my little toe on both feet grew pointing inward and due to this I have tailor’s bunions on both of my feet.

Now this is something I could fix by wearing inserts or special shoes, but the doctor knew that with my being 21 it would be better and more beneficial to just perform surgery and actually fix it. It’s a surgery I’ve needed for a while, but only recently have I been able to actually go in and get something done about it.

Keep in mind that what I say will happen with my surgery and recovery time and what not will not be the exact same for everyone. Please don’t read this post thinking that you will be able to find out exactly how it will go for you, cause that is just not the case. With that in mind, let’s get started on specifics.

First, if you are squeamish or just don’t like medical procedure details skip this paragraph. With that in mind let me tell you what exactly they are going to do to my foot. In order to actually get it fixed they are going to have to break the bone of my little toe so that they can straighten it and when they do straighten it they will insert a metal screw in order to make sure it heals properly and straight. That screw will stay in my foot for the rest of my life so I will have a small screw in each foot for the rest of my life. Once they have my toe straightened they will then scrape off the excess bone or what is known as the bunion. Obviously there is not point in just scraping off the bone seeing as with my toe pointing inward it would just come back after some time and basically make the surgery pointless.

Now let’s talk about recovery. For me I will have to put absolutely not pressure on my foot for the first two weeks after my surgery. Once we hit that mark it will be another four to six weeks of me being in a boot, but it will probably take a little more time after that for me foot to be completely healed seeing as it is a broken bone being healed. Once I reach the six week mark though if the swelling has gone down and I can go back to regular shoes the doctor can actually start looking to get me in to get my other foot done so I could essentially have back to back surgeries.

Anyway that is all I wanted to write for today. There will definitely be some super exciting things happening here soon, but as of right now they’re not set in stone so I don’t want to say anything. Look forward to that though in the future!!


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