Learning Two Languages

I am currently learning two languages and have been doing so for the past few months. Actually, I took Japanese in high school for two years, so I’ve been learning that one for a longer amount of time. Finding actually helpful and good ways to learn a language can be difficult, so I decided to share the apps that I have been using. IMG_0210.JPG

The app that I have been using for Japanese is called Memrise. It makes it pretty easy to learn as it will present you with the words, have a native speaker sound it out, and it will have you match the word from Japanese to English and vice versa. It also has a type of lesson called “Meet the Natives” and from there you will see a short clip of a person from Japan and who is obviously Japanese say the word or phrase and you will either then click the correct english translation, the correct hiragana text (which for those who don’t know is one of the writing systems used in Japan) or you will have to type it out in Hiragana. This app makes it easy to learn and has a few different lesson styles, such as the previously mentioned audio, writing, and translating. img_0211

The second language I am learning is Italian. As a side note learning two languages at a time is difficult, but it can be made a little easier if you choose two languages that are super different from each other, such as Italian and Japanese. Anyway, the app I use for Italian is called Duolingo. It is great and easy to use and one awesome thing about is it immediately presents a sentence and for any words you don’t know you just have to click on them to get the English word. This app also has someone who reads the Italian words out for you and there are times where you will have to translate a sentence from Italian to English or vice versa and you will sometimes have to listen and type out the sentence you hear in Italian. What’s nice about that is there is an option to play the sentence at a slower speed in case you are having a hard time understanding a native speaker who speaks at a a normal pace.

I believe both of these apps are available in the Apple store and the Google play store (I have an android phone, so I know at least the google play store has them). Duolingo is free and Memrise is free to start, but you will have to pay a one time fee to continue and I believe it was about $5 which I think is totally worth it. Both of them offer multiple languages, so just see if they have the one you want to learn and go from there!


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