Sad News

I am super sad to say that we ended up having to rehome Shaymin our little hedgehog. I was rather hesitant to post this as a lot of people have very strong opinions on rehoming animals, but I want you to hear me out.

For people who say you shouldn’t get an animal unless you know for a 100% fact that you will never have to rehome, that is isn’t really a good way to look at it. There are sometimes in life where you truly love animals and would never dream of rehoming them, but life happens and will sometimes throw things at you that make it impossible to continue caring for your lovable pet.

With that I’m not saying it’s okay to just constantly rehome pets all the time, but there are cases where it really is the better option or it just has to be done. I the case of Shaymin when we first got her I had plenty of time to spend with her and give her the love and attention she needed. Things have changed though, and I was no longer able to provide that care that she needed and knew it would be best for her if she went to a new owner who could give her the time and love she deserves.

And if you do rehome a pet, you shouldn’t feel like you should never get another pet again. For instance, some people might say that if I can’t take care of a hedgehog then why do I have five other pets? Well it’s simple; they require different care. A dog and a cat for example are able to roam freely so it’s pretty easy to give them the time and love they deserve. My three rats are also pretty easy. Even though they are in a cage, they are not like hedgehogs in that they need at minimum an hour a day of handling or they will no longer be well socialized. With rats even if you just spend five minutes with them if that’s all you have available on some days, they will love it and be plenty happy with that time.

That’s really all I wanted to say on the subject. Sorry it’s a sadder post and I haven’t been posting much recently, but my foot is still healing so I’m not able to do much.  And don’t worry about Shaymin; I know she has gone to a great home where she will get all the love and attention she needs/deserves.


1 Week Post Operation

It has been exactly one week since I had surgery on my foot. For those who don’t know the surgery I got was removing a tailor’s bunion and straightening my little toe seeing as the pinky toe on both of my feet grew pointing inwards and therefore caused tailor’s bunions.

WARNING, I will include two pictures of my foot from Monday when I got the bandage changed. They aren’t really graphic as they just show my stitches and my foot a little swollen, but in case you don’t like seeing anything like that please avoid this post.

Sorry for those who want to see that the pictures aren’t very big, but I had to take them with my phone and I could really twist my foot in a way so that I could get a better angle.

It is healing perfectly fine and I should actually be getting the stitches removed next Monday, where hopefully I will then be able to walk with a boot on my foot. Right now, I can’t put any pressure on that foot even with the boot as it hurts way too much, but that is too be expected. I will then have to wear the medical boot for four to six weeks, but hopefully it will be on the shorter side and I will be walking normally soon

For the past week I have mostly been staying in bed, but I did go out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday where I had to use crutches to walk, which let me tell you is a lot harder than it looks and definitely works some muscles I didn’t know existed.

That is all for today and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting this past week, but I haven’t been doing anything worthy of writing seeing as I have just been lounging around in bed and healing.

My Nerdy/Geeky Clothes and Accessories

There wasn’t really much that happened last week that I could write about, so I decided to show of my pop culture, nerdy, geeky clothes and jewelry! Let’s get started. IMG_0225.JPG

First up we have my shirts. I couldn’t show every top cause I have way too many Eevee/Eeveelution shirts, but I could show pretty much everything else. As you can tell they are all basically t-shirts, though I do wish I had tank tops with this kind of stuff on it so I can show my nerdiness even when it’s hot out. The majority of my shirts are My Little Pony and Pokemon, but in case you can’t tell what the other three are I also have a Five Nights at Freddy’s shirt, a Dr. Who, shirt, and a Howl’s Moving Castle shirt. Pretty much all of these shirts were bought at Hot Topic or WeLoveFine. IMG_0226.JPG

Next up we have my dresses! From left to right I have a Joy from Inside Out dress, a Wind Waker dress, a Dalek dress, an R2-D2 dress, and finally an Iron Man dress. They are all super comfy, but be warned if you cover up the top part of the Dalek dress with a jacket, because if you do the majority of people will think, you’re just wearing a weird polka dot skirt. IMG_0227.JPG

Now let’s move on to bottoms. Here you can see I have MLP leggings and tights and I do have a lot more socks, but I didn’t want to pull them all out. I also have more eeveelution socks, but again I didn’t want to pull them all out. I also have a pack of Zelda socks and these knee highs ones and the ankle socks are all Wind Waker inspired seeing as that is my favorite Legend of Zelda title. IMG_0228.JPG

And finally we have come to the jewelry section of the nerdiness. Fun fact, the small beaded pony bracelet is actually part of a friendship bracelet set. My husband has the other one, but I’m not sure where it is. Hopefully it isn’t lost as it was a perfect pack for us because it had my favorite pony Twilight Sparkle and his favorite pony Pinkie Pie.

That’s all the nerdy/geeky stuff I have for apparel (except for hats but I only have two eevee snapbacks which are the only snapbacks I own just to be clear, an eevee beanie, and another eevee winter hat with it’s ears and face on it). Let me know what kind of cool pop culture clothes and accessories you have!