1 Week Post Operation

It has been exactly one week since I had surgery on my foot. For those who don’t know the surgery I got was removing a tailor’s bunion and straightening my little toe seeing as the pinky toe on both of my feet grew pointing inwards and therefore caused tailor’s bunions.

WARNING, I will include two pictures of my foot from Monday when I got the bandage changed. They aren’t really graphic as they just show my stitches and my foot a little swollen, but in case you don’t like seeing anything like that please avoid this post.

Sorry for those who want to see that the pictures aren’t very big, but I had to take them with my phone and I could really twist my foot in a way so that I could get a better angle.

It is healing perfectly fine and I should actually be getting the stitches removed next Monday, where hopefully I will then be able to walk with a boot on my foot. Right now, I can’t put any pressure on that foot even with the boot as it hurts way too much, but that is too be expected. I will then have to wear the medical boot for four to six weeks, but hopefully it will be on the shorter side and I will be walking normally soon

For the past week I have mostly been staying in bed, but I did go out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday where I had to use crutches to walk, which let me tell you is a lot harder than it looks and definitely works some muscles I didn’t know existed.

That is all for today and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting this past week, but I haven’t been doing anything worthy of writing seeing as I have just been lounging around in bed and healing.


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