My Top 3 Life Simulation Games

Life simulation games are probably my favorite type of video games to play. I decided that I wanted to share with you my favorite ones and the ones I feel that are the best for being ‘massive time wasters. Keep in mind these aren’t in any particular order.


For the first game I decided to start with the one that introduced me to this genre and will always be in my heart: Animal Crossing. Well, specifically New Leaf even though I actually stated with Wild World for the 3DS. I’m still waiting for Nintendo to announce a new Animal Crossing for the Switch, but for now the 3DS version will do just fine. Decorating your house, talking to villagers, and enjoying real world holidays is always a fun time and this is a game that even if you walk away for a while, you will always come back full throttle.


Next up is a game series I’ve wanted to try for a while and only last October did I finally get it: Rune Factory. If you want life simulation games to have more spice to them, definitely try this series. I’m specifically picking 4, cause that’s just the one I have. This game series takes aspects from Harvest Moon such as farming and building relationships, but adds RPG elements to it. If you want to have a more exciting life sim, definitely check this one out.


Last is the one that I just got a few days ago and I’m already addicted: Tomodachi Life. This game is definitely one that you need to be the right person to enjoy and that would be someone who LOVES life simulation, easy, relaxing games, with no real end goal. You can add miis that look like your real life friends and family members or fictional characters from movies, videos games, or people you just completely made up. It is more of an app type thing that you check throughout the day, but it is so much better than any phone app you could ever get.

Hope this post can give you some suggestions that you’ll end up loving!


Spring Has Arrived!!

The past couple days here in Colorado it would seem that Spring has decided to grace us with it’s presence. True, it still gets pretty chilly at night, but the days are nice and warm and full of sunshine that just rejuvenates you from that hibernating you’ve been doing all winter.


The trees for the most part haven’t really gotten their leaves or flowers, but they should start getting colorful and green super soon. Along with Spring arriving I have been doing a fair amount of cleaning around the apartment. It just feels new and fresh in the air, so of course I feel like I have to keep up with it and make my home new and fresh too.


It’s crazy to me that on my walk with Umbreon today I saw plenty of people who were still in jeans and sweatshirts and mind you we went on this walk at about 2 in the afternoon, so by that point it was quite warm considering the high was in the 70s today. Maybe I’m just the weird one cause I get hot really easy.


As I kind of mentioned above, the animals in the house have been enjoying the sun as well. Well at least as much as they can considering that all the windows in our apartment are on the side of the building that never sees the sun. Still I have the windows open so they can get the fresh air that way.


Small Spring Clothes Haul

I went to Ross the other day cause it is starting to get really warm during the day and I wanted some more spring appropriate clothes and I decided why post them on my blog too?


First off this super pretty pale pink dress. I love lace design on clothes and as soon as I saw this dress, I HAD to get it. It is sheer on the shoulders and upper chest and has cropped sleeves which is perfect for spring and even summer!

Sorry the pictures are small, but for some reason it won’t make them bigger. I wanted to show the back and front of this shirt cause they are both so gorgeous ad honestly unique as I have ever seen a shirt like this. This one of more of a dusty pale pink and it’s super flowy and breathable so once again perfect for spring!


Something that is not pink! I’m actually not really a big fan of pink, but I’m start to like it more. This next top is like a tan/light beige color and the front once again is sheer on the upper part of the chest. It also has a little eyelet on the back which I like and it’s just super flowy and breathable.


Finally, we have the darkest most not spring colored item of clothing. It’s super comfy and stretchy and the design on the front shows a little more than I normally would wear, but I still like it and think it’s cute and classy enough.

That’s all the clothes I bought and I hope this can maybe help give some ideas on clothes you might want to get for yourself this spring!

Peter the Rat Passed Away

It really sucks that the next post I’m writing is more and even worse bad news than before. We don’t know exactly what happened, but this morning after I brought the dog in from going potty I looked in the cage and saw that Peter was laying awkwardly in the corner. That concerned me greatly as the three rats NEVER slept away from each other so of course I opened the cage. Usually he would respond to the noise just as his brothers do, but today he just laid there. I reached in to pet him and he was cold and stiff to the touch. 16105635_10211624395472508_3120287168791477394_n

Peter was by far the most cuddly rat of the three and he was my sweet little boy (even though they are all only about 4 months old). He was perfectly healthy ad happy, so his passing hurt even more as it came so unexpectedly. I loved him so much even though we only had him for a few months and I sincerely hope he knows how much he was loved. 17103719_10212078450903610_7804272441506695315_n.jpg.

Hopefully the next post I make will be a happy one.