It really sucks that the next post I’m writing is more and even worse bad news than before. We don’t know exactly what happened, but this morning after I brought the dog in from going potty I looked in the cage and saw that Peter was laying awkwardly in the corner. That concerned me greatly as the three rats NEVER slept away from each other so of course I opened the cage. Usually he would respond to the noise just as his brothers do, but today he just laid there. I reached in to pet him and he was cold and stiff to the touch. 16105635_10211624395472508_3120287168791477394_n

Peter was by far the most cuddly rat of the three and he was my sweet little boy (even though they are all only about 4 months old). He was perfectly healthy ad happy, so his passing hurt even more as it came so unexpectedly. I loved him so much even though we only had him for a few months and I sincerely hope he knows how much he was loved. 17103719_10212078450903610_7804272441506695315_n.jpg.

Hopefully the next post I make will be a happy one.


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