Small Spring Clothes Haul

I went to Ross the other day cause it is starting to get really warm during the day and I wanted some more spring appropriate clothes and I decided why post them on my blog too?


First off this super pretty pale pink dress. I love lace design on clothes and as soon as I saw this dress, I HAD to get it. It is sheer on the shoulders and upper chest and has cropped sleeves which is perfect for spring and even summer!

Sorry the pictures are small, but for some reason it won’t make them bigger. I wanted to show the back and front of this shirt cause they are both so gorgeous ad honestly unique as I have ever seen a shirt like this. This one of more of a dusty pale pink and it’s super flowy and breathable so once again perfect for spring!


Something that is not pink! I’m actually not really a big fan of pink, but I’m start to like it more. This next top is like a tan/light beige color and the front once again is sheer on the upper part of the chest. It also has a little eyelet on the back which I like and it’s just super flowy and breathable.


Finally, we have the darkest most not spring colored item of clothing. It’s super comfy and stretchy and the design on the front shows a little more than I normally would wear, but I still like it and think it’s cute and classy enough.

That’s all the clothes I bought and I hope this can maybe help give some ideas on clothes you might want to get for yourself this spring!


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