My Top 3 Life Simulation Games

Life simulation games are probably my favorite type of video games to play. I decided that I wanted to share with you my favorite ones and the ones I feel that are the best for being ‘massive time wasters. Keep in mind these aren’t in any particular order.


For the first game I decided to start with the one that introduced me to this genre and will always be in my heart: Animal Crossing. Well, specifically New Leaf even though I actually stated with Wild World for the 3DS. I’m still waiting for Nintendo to announce a new Animal Crossing for the Switch, but for now the 3DS version will do just fine. Decorating your house, talking to villagers, and enjoying real world holidays is always a fun time and this is a game that even if you walk away for a while, you will always come back full throttle.


Next up is a game series I’ve wanted to try for a while and only last October did I finally get it: Rune Factory. If you want life simulation games to have more spice to them, definitely try this series. I’m specifically picking 4, cause that’s just the one I have. This game series takes aspects from Harvest Moon such as farming and building relationships, but adds RPG elements to it. If you want to have a more exciting life sim, definitely check this one out.


Last is the one that I just got a few days ago and I’m already addicted: Tomodachi Life. This game is definitely one that you need to be the right person to enjoy and that would be someone who LOVES life simulation, easy, relaxing games, with no real end goal. You can add miis that look like your real life friends and family members or fictional characters from movies, videos games, or people you just completely made up. It is more of an app type thing that you check throughout the day, but it is so much better than any phone app you could ever get.

Hope this post can give you some suggestions that you’ll end up loving!


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