Relaxing on a Cozy, Rainy Spring Day

It has been pretty hot this past week, but today it decided to be much cloudier, cooler, and rainier. I am perfectly happy with this as I grew up in Oregon, so the smell and sound of rain are all comforting to me as is the look of the outside world being wet.


I had planned on having a major cleaning day, but when I woke up and saw the weather I just felt like I wanted to relax and lounge around instead. My dog isn’t thrilled with the rain cause she hates getting wet, but she’ll survive.


Today has pretty much consisted of me watching YouTube and Netflix. I watched one movie that I thought was pretty good and it’s called Slam. The ending wasn’t quite as happy as normal movies are, but I’m okay with that as nothing everything has to work out perfectly happy in the end and it’s okay to show more of real life like that by not having everything end with ‘and they lived happily ever after’.


I also have one of those wax warmer things and I originally bought two scents for it, one of them being a lemon one which I LOVED. The other scent I bought I’m really not liking much at all like I thought I would and it’s called ‘Warm Up Winter’. It just has a weird undertone that I don’t really care for.


That’s pretty much been my day and even though I haven’t done much productively I’m okay with that. It’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with having a day where you really just get nothing done as it’s always good to relax and recharge yourself.


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