Umbreon Got Shaved

It was long past due. We finally were able to get around to shaving our dog Umbreon. img_0168

This is what she usually looks like. At least, for about half the year she looks like this. It doesn’t seem so bad, but her fur gets extremely matted because she is a Puli, but she isn’t a pure bred, so her fur won’t turn to dreadlocks like it’s supposed to. Which of course means that when summer and the heat come it’s time to shave it off.


And here is what she looks like now. It’s not a perfect hair cut, but we aren’t professional dog groomers. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the lump of fur that she took off her, but of course I forgot. For a size comparison I’m gonna use a picture of our 9 pound cat, Spooky.


We had enough for to make about one and a half of him.

Umbreon may not have enjoyed it much, but it is better in the long run seeing as she was even starting to try and rip out clump of her fur they were so matted and gross. That’s been our Saturday so far. Hope you are enjoying yours!!


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