Packing Up Yet Again

We have come once again to a time where we need to move. Our lease will be up in our current apartment on August 1st, so we will be moving into a friends’ house for about a month before we move to Kansas.


It’s not the most fun packing up, but I do find that I don’t seem to hate it quite as much as other people do.


Spooky, of course, loves when we pack up seeing as there are plenty of boxes for him to try and jump into until we pick him up and pull him out. Either way, he is happy that he is currently living in a box wonderland.


It’s kind of weird seeing how empty the apartment is getting, bu I’m not at all sad to leave it. Apartment living is not for everyone and we are definitely not the apartment living type of people.

Crazy things are happening what with moving in with friends for a month and then moving to Kansas for four years so that Aaron can go to college there, but I’m looking forward to what the future holds for us. Here’s to hoping we can get packed up and moved out on time!


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