The Warmest Days so Far

Today I decided I would just write a little post about some of what I did today and what’s been going on. Firstly, it’s gotten nice and warm during the day so I have had all the windows in the house open for the past week and I have been loving it.


As you can see the animals have been enjoying it as well. It seems like they’ve gotten a little lazier seeing as it is warmer so they do tend to nap more, but they are still happy and loving life.


Ignoring my gross bathroom mirror, I have been feeling better about myself as well. I have gotten back full swing into exercising seeing as my foot is fully healed and slowly, but surely I am starting to see results and getting more toned. My goal isn’t to lose a bunch of weight cause I’m not anywhere near overweight, but I do look rather chubby and out of shape simply because I wasn’t doing anything to keep my body toned. That is changing for the better now and has left me feeling great.


I don’t really like flowers much, but I do love the look of the trees in summer and spring when they are full of color and life, so it is pretty awesome to see that coming back after the dead, lifeless look of winter.

With the warm weather, sunny days, and longer days coming back I am starting to feel much more motivated to do things rather than just sit on my lazy butt and watch netflix all day (though of course that does still happen). Hopefully everyone else out there is starting to feel the same cheerfulness that I am!!


My Blog is 1 year old!!

To be honest I knew I started this blog in April of 2016, but I had no idea what actual day I started. Turns out that blogpost will tell you as I just got a reminder for a congrats on one year of my blog!!

Seeing as it has been a full year, I decided I would look at everything that has changed in the year since I started the blog.


The first major thing is that we are no longer living in Germany and are finally back in America!! The only reason we even lived in Germany for a year and a half was because Aaron was in the military and that’s where he was stationed. He is no longer in the military and for the the first few months we lived in Oregon since that is where we both are from so we stayed with our parents for a while until Aaron got a new job, which landed us in Colorado.


Next, is an interesting array of pets. We brought our dog Umbreon with us from Germany which was fine for moving countries cause it was already enough of a hassle to move just her. In Oregon, we picked up a sweet little kitten that we named Spooky and he will actually be turning a year old in a few days. Then we got a hedgie, that sadly we had to rehome, but we did end up the 3 rats Tatl, Tael, and Peter. Peter sadly passed away very suddenly, so we are now down to the two rats. And lastly, we have our 2 year old ferrets Zelda and Link as pictured above. I love all of my fur babies and am so glad that we picked them up during this past year.


And I’m not actually announcing anything, but Aaron and I have also started trying to have our first baby. Again, NOT announcing anything because there is nothing to say on that front, but we know our time will come.

Those are all the major changes I can think of and I want to keep it to major things, cause I don’t want this post to drag on too long. Thank you to everybody who has read a post of mine, started following me, or just even glanced at my blog. It’s good to know that something I love doing can give some kind of entertainment to other people and makes me want to keep this blog up for as long as I can!

Spring Has Arrived!!

The past couple days here in Colorado it would seem that Spring has decided to grace us with it’s presence. True, it still gets pretty chilly at night, but the days are nice and warm and full of sunshine that just rejuvenates you from that hibernating you’ve been doing all winter.


The trees for the most part haven’t really gotten their leaves or flowers, but they should start getting colorful and green super soon. Along with Spring arriving I have been doing a fair amount of cleaning around the apartment. It just feels new and fresh in the air, so of course I feel like I have to keep up with it and make my home new and fresh too.


It’s crazy to me that on my walk with Umbreon today I saw plenty of people who were still in jeans and sweatshirts and mind you we went on this walk at about 2 in the afternoon, so by that point it was quite warm considering the high was in the 70s today. Maybe I’m just the weird one cause I get hot really easy.


As I kind of mentioned above, the animals in the house have been enjoying the sun as well. Well at least as much as they can considering that all the windows in our apartment are on the side of the building that never sees the sun. Still I have the windows open so they can get the fresh air that way.


Peter the Rat Passed Away

It really sucks that the next post I’m writing is more and even worse bad news than before. We don’t know exactly what happened, but this morning after I brought the dog in from going potty I looked in the cage and saw that Peter was laying awkwardly in the corner. That concerned me greatly as the three rats NEVER slept away from each other so of course I opened the cage. Usually he would respond to the noise just as his brothers do, but today he just laid there. I reached in to pet him and he was cold and stiff to the touch. 16105635_10211624395472508_3120287168791477394_n

Peter was by far the most cuddly rat of the three and he was my sweet little boy (even though they are all only about 4 months old). He was perfectly healthy ad happy, so his passing hurt even more as it came so unexpectedly. I loved him so much even though we only had him for a few months and I sincerely hope he knows how much he was loved. 17103719_10212078450903610_7804272441506695315_n.jpg.

Hopefully the next post I make will be a happy one.

Sad News

I am super sad to say that we ended up having to rehome Shaymin our little hedgehog. I was rather hesitant to post this as a lot of people have very strong opinions on rehoming animals, but I want you to hear me out.

For people who say you shouldn’t get an animal unless you know for a 100% fact that you will never have to rehome, that is isn’t really a good way to look at it. There are sometimes in life where you truly love animals and would never dream of rehoming them, but life happens and will sometimes throw things at you that make it impossible to continue caring for your lovable pet.

With that I’m not saying it’s okay to just constantly rehome pets all the time, but there are cases where it really is the better option or it just has to be done. I the case of Shaymin when we first got her I had plenty of time to spend with her and give her the love and attention she needed. Things have changed though, and I was no longer able to provide that care that she needed and knew it would be best for her if she went to a new owner who could give her the time and love she deserves.

And if you do rehome a pet, you shouldn’t feel like you should never get another pet again. For instance, some people might say that if I can’t take care of a hedgehog then why do I have five other pets? Well it’s simple; they require different care. A dog and a cat for example are able to roam freely so it’s pretty easy to give them the time and love they deserve. My three rats are also pretty easy. Even though they are in a cage, they are not like hedgehogs in that they need at minimum an hour a day of handling or they will no longer be well socialized. With rats even if you just spend five minutes with them if that’s all you have available on some days, they will love it and be plenty happy with that time.

That’s really all I wanted to say on the subject. Sorry it’s a sadder post and I haven’t been posting much recently, but my foot is still healing so I’m not able to do much.  And don’t worry about Shaymin; I know she has gone to a great home where she will get all the love and attention she needs/deserves.

All About My Pets

I decided that even though the animals have been previously mentioned, it was time to formally introduce them all and write a little about them. They are all rescued as I personally want try to try to avoid buying from breeders, but of course there is nothing wrong if you do buy from breeders. This is just my personal choice. IMG_0018.JPG

First we have the dog and first baby Umbreon. She is a Hungarian Puli and this is her shaved actually. If we let her fur fully grow out she would have long dreadlocks and look like a mop and that is because her coat is perfectly weather resistant as these dogs were bred in Hungary to be sheep herders. She is a very sweet girl who isn’t too happy that our collection of pest has grown as that means a little less attention for her. Of course though she is perfectly nice to them all and she will always be special as she is our first baby, whether you count fur babies or human babies


Next is our currently nine month old American Short Haired kitten Spooky. He is a huge cuddle bug and actually very much enjoys being held and loved on. He is kept as an indoor cat and he is fixed. I have seen some people say they think it’s mean to neuter their cat when actually it is healthy for them. They live longer, happier lives when fixed, and they don’t feel the need to mark and destroy your house.


Now we move onto our more unique pets the fist one being the African Pygmy hedgehog Shaymin. Contrary to popular belief you can hold a hedgehog. Really the worst pain you feel is like getting poked with a needle that doesn’t pierce your skin. Hedgehogs do take time to adjust to human touch and interaction and you do have to play with them at least half an hour everyday. They are also nocturnal so that means you have to wait till night to play with them otherwise they won’t really be into it. Definitely do some research if you are considering getting one as their is a lot you need to know about them.


Finally our newest babies, the rats Tatl, Tael, and Peter Pettigrew. I honestly love all rodents and rats are super cute, smart, and clean contrary to popular belief about them. They love being held and cuddled and they can even learn tricks like dogs and can learn their names. Our babies are about 2 months old and each of them is so different from the other, with Tael being the most playful and Peter being the one who would much rather sleep than do anything.

That is all I have time to write about each of my sweet fur babies. If you would like me to write a post specifically on one of them just let me know and I will be more than happy to do that.

What to do on a Snowy Day

Well it started snowing today here in lovely Aurora Colorado, so I ended up staying home. It’s apparently actually even going to get really bad tomorrow with the fact that Aaron and everyone else at his work was sent home early today to prepare for the snowstorm.

The first thing to do on a snowy day is to make sure you have enough things to keep you entertained while you are indoors. I have a nice desk with a chair that is pretty comfy and I also curl up with one of my eeveelution blankets just to get extra snuggly. I will always at my desk have the current book am I reading, my 3DS, my phone, and my laptop accessible to me at all times as those things are my main sources of entertainment (of course I also have my digital camera for recording and taking pictures). IMG_0169.JPG

My pets also love to just get all snuggly and warm and just sleep the day away. Of course I make sure they get up and get some exercise, but on super cold and snowy days like this one, I naturally want to let them sleep and be cozy. IMG_0168.JPG

That is how I spend my snowed in, super cold days. Of course doing things like making hot chocolate and having nice hot meals also helps me feel nice and cozy inside, but those are pretty much a given for everyone (even if it’s not hot chocolate there will be coffee or tea, I just personally don’t like those two drinks). How do you spend your snowy winter days?