Some Stuff I Bought Recently

It has been a bit of a crazy month seeing as it was my birthday this month, I had surgery, and just some other crazy personal stuff, so I wasn’t really able to write much. Today I decided to share some stuff I bought recently.


As you may know Eevvee and it’s evolutions are my favorite pokemon, with Sylveon being the absolute favorite. I already have some Eevee bags, but one more couldn’t hurt and this one was smaller for when I only needed my wallet and phone which I find very convenient and easy to use.


It’s been getting starting to get super hot like it does in Colorado (yes I know there are hotter and worse places, the thing is I get super hot really easy), so I needed to get some tank tops that had lower cut arm pit holes for my rather sweaty self. This Zelda one looked awesome and it is super comfy and does exactly what I need it to.


This next and final tank top is one of my new favorite shirts. The arm pit holes are cut super low, it’s black so you can’t see any sweat, and it has Umbreon on it. It’s even better cause it’s like I’m carrying my dog with me when I wear it seeing as she is named after this pokemon.


My last item or items cause it came in a set of five are these adorable kitty socks. They are ankle cut which are the only kind of socks I wear and the colors are pink (obviously), light blue, lilac, black, and white.

That’s all I have to show for this post. I will hopefully be writing more soon as I really do enjoy writing on this blog and I know I don’t do it nowhere near enough.


My Nerdy/Geeky Clothes and Accessories

There wasn’t really much that happened last week that I could write about, so I decided to show of my pop culture, nerdy, geeky clothes and jewelry! Let’s get started. IMG_0225.JPG

First up we have my shirts. I couldn’t show every top cause I have way too many Eevee/Eeveelution shirts, but I could show pretty much everything else. As you can tell they are all basically t-shirts, though I do wish I had tank tops with this kind of stuff on it so I can show my nerdiness even when it’s hot out. The majority of my shirts are My Little Pony and Pokemon, but in case you can’t tell what the other three are I also have a Five Nights at Freddy’s shirt, a Dr. Who, shirt, and a Howl’s Moving Castle shirt. Pretty much all of these shirts were bought at Hot Topic or WeLoveFine. IMG_0226.JPG

Next up we have my dresses! From left to right I have a Joy from Inside Out dress, a Wind Waker dress, a Dalek dress, an R2-D2 dress, and finally an Iron Man dress. They are all super comfy, but be warned if you cover up the top part of the Dalek dress with a jacket, because if you do the majority of people will think, you’re just wearing a weird polka dot skirt. IMG_0227.JPG

Now let’s move on to bottoms. Here you can see I have MLP leggings and tights and I do have a lot more socks, but I didn’t want to pull them all out. I also have more eeveelution socks, but again I didn’t want to pull them all out. I also have a pack of Zelda socks and these knee highs ones and the ankle socks are all Wind Waker inspired seeing as that is my favorite Legend of Zelda title. IMG_0228.JPG

And finally we have come to the jewelry section of the nerdiness. Fun fact, the small beaded pony bracelet is actually part of a friendship bracelet set. My husband has the other one, but I’m not sure where it is. Hopefully it isn’t lost as it was a perfect pack for us because it had my favorite pony Twilight Sparkle and his favorite pony Pinkie Pie.

That’s all the nerdy/geeky stuff I have for apparel (except for hats but I only have two eevee snapbacks which are the only snapbacks I own just to be clear, an eevee beanie, and another eevee winter hat with it’s ears and face on it). Let me know what kind of cool pop culture clothes and accessories you have!