Trying to Get Healthier

Lately I have decided that it’s time I tried to get healthier considering that I have definitely put on some weight and it would just be good to try and get healthier anyway. I would just like to say that I am not vegetarian or vegan and I do not ever plan on becoming either, so there is not point in trying to pressure me into becoming either by constantly saying I should become one of those.


I have set myself a goal to drink two of this bottle full of water. I might actually bump it up to three considering I’ve been making the original goal fairly easily. It may not seem like a lot but for me even if I cut out other drinks, I won’t just start drinking water, so I had to set a goal and it’s going great.


Our fridge is now full of a lot more veggies as well seeing as I have been having a salad every day for lunch which I personally enjoy eating a salad a lot. I just sometimes like a burger or something else more.


This last grocery shopping trip I didn’t buy any frozen food either (the mozzarella sticks only have two left and that’s from when I just had surgery and couldn’t stand in order to cook food). I have been actually making dinner from recipes hence also why there are more vegetables in the house. The only thing that gets frozen is the meat to make sure it doesn’t go bad before I can get to making dinner with it.

With trying to be more healthy I am not completely cutting out bad things like soda and more unhealthy foods. I am just trying to limit my intake of them and make healthier foods and water my more normal every day diet.

I also have started walking the dog again and I’m doing the exercises I can, but of course my foot is still healing, so out of my two ten minute work out routines I can only do about 6 and half minutes of one. I’m not really sure why I decided to share this, but why not? Maybe it will inspire other people to not necessarily do this exact thing, but something else to help them feel better about themselves (not saying that you have to hate yourself in order to want to change things of course).