My Summer so Far

We’re almost halfway through summer already and I decided it was the perfect time to catch up on what’s been going on in my life.


First off I got surgery done on my other foot for those who don’t know. Both of my little toes grew pointing inward, so I had tailor’s bunions and the outside of my feet always hurt at least a little, so that needed to be fixed.


I also decided since it was summer and Aaron said he liked my hair short better I decided to go ahead and get it cut. It’s so much easier to take care of now and I do like it short. I just couldn’t decide for the longest time whether I wanted short hair or long hair.


Something really exciting is that Aaron and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on June 28th. I don’t have any pictures from the day we celebrated simply because we were both just enjoying spending the day together and didn’t pull out our phones or anything like that.

And finally 4th of July was a blast. These pictures of fireworks are actually from one of our friend’s mom seeing as my phone was at 2% when the fireworks started. We went to a bbq at our friend’s house and later that day we got to a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Because we got there so early we killed some time throwing a football and frisbee around and then we went back to our friend’s house to play with sparklers and set off a couple of smaller fireworks.

Summer 2017 so far has been a blast and I hope you’re all having a great summer too!!


Trying to Get Healthier

Lately I have decided that it’s time I tried to get healthier considering that I have definitely put on some weight and it would just be good to try and get healthier anyway. I would just like to say that I am not vegetarian or vegan and I do not ever plan on becoming either, so there is not point in trying to pressure me into becoming either by constantly saying I should become one of those.


I have set myself a goal to drink two of this bottle full of water. I might actually bump it up to three considering I’ve been making the original goal fairly easily. It may not seem like a lot but for me even if I cut out other drinks, I won’t just start drinking water, so I had to set a goal and it’s going great.


Our fridge is now full of a lot more veggies as well seeing as I have been having a salad every day for lunch which I personally enjoy eating a salad a lot. I just sometimes like a burger or something else more.


This last grocery shopping trip I didn’t buy any frozen food either (the mozzarella sticks only have two left and that’s from when I just had surgery and couldn’t stand in order to cook food). I have been actually making dinner from recipes hence also why there are more vegetables in the house. The only thing that gets frozen is the meat to make sure it doesn’t go bad before I can get to making dinner with it.

With trying to be more healthy I am not completely cutting out bad things like soda and more unhealthy foods. I am just trying to limit my intake of them and make healthier foods and water my more normal every day diet.

I also have started walking the dog again and I’m doing the exercises I can, but of course my foot is still healing, so out of my two ten minute work out routines I can only do about 6 and half minutes of one. I’m not really sure why I decided to share this, but why not? Maybe it will inspire other people to not necessarily do this exact thing, but something else to help them feel better about themselves (not saying that you have to hate yourself in order to want to change things of course).

Quick Update

I don’t really have any pictures or anything to add to this post, so sorry if it’s a little boring looking. I haven’t been doing much recently, so there hasn’t really been anything for me to write about on here as I have just been sitting around the apartment waiting for my foot to heal.

Seeing as summer has finally started hopefully we will do a bunch of cool stuff this summer that I can write about. I know in August we are going to be doing something extremely fun and awesome and this month is Aaron and I’s third anniversary.

For now though, I will just leave this quick little update here just to make sure people don’t think I’ve given up on this blog or anything like that. Have a happy summer!!

What I do When I’m Sick

I was sick for about 4-5 days and I’m finally feeling much better with my stuffy nose having gone way down as well as my sore throat. In light of me being sick, I decided I would share some things I do when I am sick


First off, definitely watch a lot of Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. When you’re sick and don’t really feel like doing much or just straight up can’t do much, catching up on shows and movies and the like is the perfect thing to do.


Another great thing to do is to get some real progress on games that have piled up. I know I have the horrible habit of buying more games before I’ve completed all the ones I have, so they get piled up pretty quick. It’s a habit I try to break, but perfect for when I’m feeling under the weather.

The last and most important thing to do, is to remember to get plenty of sleep. There’s no point in pushing yourself to get a lot of stuff done as you’ll just stay sick for longer and you won’t even be able to get much done in the first place.

Relaxing on a Cozy, Rainy Spring Day

It has been pretty hot this past week, but today it decided to be much cloudier, cooler, and rainier. I am perfectly happy with this as I grew up in Oregon, so the smell and sound of rain are all comforting to me as is the look of the outside world being wet.


I had planned on having a major cleaning day, but when I woke up and saw the weather I just felt like I wanted to relax and lounge around instead. My dog isn’t thrilled with the rain cause she hates getting wet, but she’ll survive.


Today has pretty much consisted of me watching YouTube and Netflix. I watched one movie that I thought was pretty good and it’s called Slam. The ending wasn’t quite as happy as normal movies are, but I’m okay with that as nothing everything has to work out perfectly happy in the end and it’s okay to show more of real life like that by not having everything end with ‘and they lived happily ever after’.


I also have one of those wax warmer things and I originally bought two scents for it, one of them being a lemon one which I LOVED. The other scent I bought I’m really not liking much at all like I thought I would and it’s called ‘Warm Up Winter’. It just has a weird undertone that I don’t really care for.


That’s pretty much been my day and even though I haven’t done much productively I’m okay with that. It’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with having a day where you really just get nothing done as it’s always good to relax and recharge yourself.

The Warmest Days so Far

Today I decided I would just write a little post about some of what I did today and what’s been going on. Firstly, it’s gotten nice and warm during the day so I have had all the windows in the house open for the past week and I have been loving it.


As you can see the animals have been enjoying it as well. It seems like they’ve gotten a little lazier seeing as it is warmer so they do tend to nap more, but they are still happy and loving life.


Ignoring my gross bathroom mirror, I have been feeling better about myself as well. I have gotten back full swing into exercising seeing as my foot is fully healed and slowly, but surely I am starting to see results and getting more toned. My goal isn’t to lose a bunch of weight cause I’m not anywhere near overweight, but I do look rather chubby and out of shape simply because I wasn’t doing anything to keep my body toned. That is changing for the better now and has left me feeling great.


I don’t really like flowers much, but I do love the look of the trees in summer and spring when they are full of color and life, so it is pretty awesome to see that coming back after the dead, lifeless look of winter.

With the warm weather, sunny days, and longer days coming back I am starting to feel much more motivated to do things rather than just sit on my lazy butt and watch netflix all day (though of course that does still happen). Hopefully everyone else out there is starting to feel the same cheerfulness that I am!!

My Blog is 1 year old!!

To be honest I knew I started this blog in April of 2016, but I had no idea what actual day I started. Turns out that blogpost will tell you as I just got a reminder for a congrats on one year of my blog!!

Seeing as it has been a full year, I decided I would look at everything that has changed in the year since I started the blog.


The first major thing is that we are no longer living in Germany and are finally back in America!! The only reason we even lived in Germany for a year and a half was because Aaron was in the military and that’s where he was stationed. He is no longer in the military and for the the first few months we lived in Oregon since that is where we both are from so we stayed with our parents for a while until Aaron got a new job, which landed us in Colorado.


Next, is an interesting array of pets. We brought our dog Umbreon with us from Germany which was fine for moving countries cause it was already enough of a hassle to move just her. In Oregon, we picked up a sweet little kitten that we named Spooky and he will actually be turning a year old in a few days. Then we got a hedgie, that sadly we had to rehome, but we did end up the 3 rats Tatl, Tael, and Peter. Peter sadly passed away very suddenly, so we are now down to the two rats. And lastly, we have our 2 year old ferrets Zelda and Link as pictured above. I love all of my fur babies and am so glad that we picked them up during this past year.


And I’m not actually announcing anything, but Aaron and I have also started trying to have our first baby. Again, NOT announcing anything because there is nothing to say on that front, but we know our time will come.

Those are all the major changes I can think of and I want to keep it to major things, cause I don’t want this post to drag on too long. Thank you to everybody who has read a post of mine, started following me, or just even glanced at my blog. It’s good to know that something I love doing can give some kind of entertainment to other people and makes me want to keep this blog up for as long as I can!