Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Since it is actually starting to get warm here in Kansas I decided that it was time to do some major decluttering all through out the house. I’ve only started in the bedroom and my hours at work are starting to pick up again, so it might be a bit before I can get the rest of the house done, but here is our bedroom.


The top one is my night stand before and as you can tell it gets fairly cluttered. It’s one of those places where I just end up throwing random crap (don’t act like you don’t have those places too). Ignoring the fact that Oliver decided to photo bomb I managed to get most of the stuff that didn’t need to be on my night stand off and the things that did stay up there in a more organized state.


The top of my dresser is yet another place where crap just gets thrown and forgotten. I know my fox onsie makes it still look cluttered, but I don’t really have any other place to put it, so there it stays. I’m going to make a conscious effort to not just throw my sweatshirts up there when I get home from work, cause that’s what usually just gets tossed up there.


It’s a little harder to tell what got cleaned up in the closet, but basically what I did was stacked all the backpacks and travel bags into the suitcase since it made sense to just keep them all together like that. I had already cleaned out the clothes I didn’t wear or that didn’t fit anymore that were piled at the bottom, so trust me it actually looks a lot better than it did.

And that is all I have managed to clean so far. It doesn’t seem like much, but I feel pretty accomplished!


What I do When I’m Sick

I was sick for about 4-5 days and I’m finally feeling much better with my stuffy nose having gone way down as well as my sore throat. In light of me being sick, I decided I would share some things I do when I am sick


First off, definitely watch a lot of Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. When you’re sick and don’t really feel like doing much or just straight up can’t do much, catching up on shows and movies and the like is the perfect thing to do.


Another great thing to do is to get some real progress on games that have piled up. I know I have the horrible habit of buying more games before I’ve completed all the ones I have, so they get piled up pretty quick. It’s a habit I try to break, but perfect for when I’m feeling under the weather.

The last and most important thing to do, is to remember to get plenty of sleep. There’s no point in pushing yourself to get a lot of stuff done as you’ll just stay sick for longer and you won’t even be able to get much done in the first place.

Relaxing on a Cozy, Rainy Spring Day

It has been pretty hot this past week, but today it decided to be much cloudier, cooler, and rainier. I am perfectly happy with this as I grew up in Oregon, so the smell and sound of rain are all comforting to me as is the look of the outside world being wet.


I had planned on having a major cleaning day, but when I woke up and saw the weather I just felt like I wanted to relax and lounge around instead. My dog isn’t thrilled with the rain cause she hates getting wet, but she’ll survive.


Today has pretty much consisted of me watching YouTube and Netflix. I watched one movie that I thought was pretty good and it’s called Slam. The ending wasn’t quite as happy as normal movies are, but I’m okay with that as nothing everything has to work out perfectly happy in the end and it’s okay to show more of real life like that by not having everything end with ‘and they lived happily ever after’.


I also have one of those wax warmer things and I originally bought two scents for it, one of them being a lemon one which I LOVED. The other scent I bought I’m really not liking much at all like I thought I would and it’s called ‘Warm Up Winter’. It just has a weird undertone that I don’t really care for.


That’s pretty much been my day and even though I haven’t done much productively I’m okay with that. It’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with having a day where you really just get nothing done as it’s always good to relax and recharge yourself.

The Warmest Days so Far

Today I decided I would just write a little post about some of what I did today and what’s been going on. Firstly, it’s gotten nice and warm during the day so I have had all the windows in the house open for the past week and I have been loving it.


As you can see the animals have been enjoying it as well. It seems like they’ve gotten a little lazier seeing as it is warmer so they do tend to nap more, but they are still happy and loving life.


Ignoring my gross bathroom mirror, I have been feeling better about myself as well. I have gotten back full swing into exercising seeing as my foot is fully healed and slowly, but surely I am starting to see results and getting more toned. My goal isn’t to lose a bunch of weight cause I’m not anywhere near overweight, but I do look rather chubby and out of shape simply because I wasn’t doing anything to keep my body toned. That is changing for the better now and has left me feeling great.


I don’t really like flowers much, but I do love the look of the trees in summer and spring when they are full of color and life, so it is pretty awesome to see that coming back after the dead, lifeless look of winter.

With the warm weather, sunny days, and longer days coming back I am starting to feel much more motivated to do things rather than just sit on my lazy butt and watch netflix all day (though of course that does still happen). Hopefully everyone else out there is starting to feel the same cheerfulness that I am!!

My Blog is 1 year old!!

To be honest I knew I started this blog in April of 2016, but I had no idea what actual day I started. Turns out that blogpost will tell you as I just got a reminder for a congrats on one year of my blog!!

Seeing as it has been a full year, I decided I would look at everything that has changed in the year since I started the blog.


The first major thing is that we are no longer living in Germany and are finally back in America!! The only reason we even lived in Germany for a year and a half was because Aaron was in the military and that’s where he was stationed. He is no longer in the military and for the the first few months we lived in Oregon since that is where we both are from so we stayed with our parents for a while until Aaron got a new job, which landed us in Colorado.


Next, is an interesting array of pets. We brought our dog Umbreon with us from Germany which was fine for moving countries cause it was already enough of a hassle to move just her. In Oregon, we picked up a sweet little kitten that we named Spooky and he will actually be turning a year old in a few days. Then we got a hedgie, that sadly we had to rehome, but we did end up the 3 rats Tatl, Tael, and Peter. Peter sadly passed away very suddenly, so we are now down to the two rats. And lastly, we have our 2 year old ferrets Zelda and Link as pictured above. I love all of my fur babies and am so glad that we picked them up during this past year.


And I’m not actually announcing anything, but Aaron and I have also started trying to have our first baby. Again, NOT announcing anything because there is nothing to say on that front, but we know our time will come.

Those are all the major changes I can think of and I want to keep it to major things, cause I don’t want this post to drag on too long. Thank you to everybody who has read a post of mine, started following me, or just even glanced at my blog. It’s good to know that something I love doing can give some kind of entertainment to other people and makes me want to keep this blog up for as long as I can!

Spring Has Arrived!!

The past couple days here in Colorado it would seem that Spring has decided to grace us with it’s presence. True, it still gets pretty chilly at night, but the days are nice and warm and full of sunshine that just rejuvenates you from that hibernating you’ve been doing all winter.


The trees for the most part haven’t really gotten their leaves or flowers, but they should start getting colorful and green super soon. Along with Spring arriving I have been doing a fair amount of cleaning around the apartment. It just feels new and fresh in the air, so of course I feel like I have to keep up with it and make my home new and fresh too.


It’s crazy to me that on my walk with Umbreon today I saw plenty of people who were still in jeans and sweatshirts and mind you we went on this walk at about 2 in the afternoon, so by that point it was quite warm considering the high was in the 70s today. Maybe I’m just the weird one cause I get hot really easy.


As I kind of mentioned above, the animals in the house have been enjoying the sun as well. Well at least as much as they can considering that all the windows in our apartment are on the side of the building that never sees the sun. Still I have the windows open so they can get the fresh air that way.


Small Spring Clothes Haul

I went to Ross the other day cause it is starting to get really warm during the day and I wanted some more spring appropriate clothes and I decided why post them on my blog too?


First off this super pretty pale pink dress. I love lace design on clothes and as soon as I saw this dress, I HAD to get it. It is sheer on the shoulders and upper chest and has cropped sleeves which is perfect for spring and even summer!

Sorry the pictures are small, but for some reason it won’t make them bigger. I wanted to show the back and front of this shirt cause they are both so gorgeous ad honestly unique as I have ever seen a shirt like this. This one of more of a dusty pale pink and it’s super flowy and breathable so once again perfect for spring!


Something that is not pink! I’m actually not really a big fan of pink, but I’m start to like it more. This next top is like a tan/light beige color and the front once again is sheer on the upper part of the chest. It also has a little eyelet on the back which I like and it’s just super flowy and breathable.


Finally, we have the darkest most not spring colored item of clothing. It’s super comfy and stretchy and the design on the front shows a little more than I normally would wear, but I still like it and think it’s cute and classy enough.

That’s all the clothes I bought and I hope this can maybe help give some ideas on clothes you might want to get for yourself this spring!