Clothes I’ve Bought in the Last 4 Months

I’ve realized that over these past few months I’ve bought a rather decent amount of clothes, so I decided I would share them with you cause why not?


These first few shirts are the most summery (if that’s a word?) and I can’t wait to get a chance to actually wear them seeing as there is snow on the ground right now. The gray one is a cropped top and this is the first time I have ever purchased a crop top simply because it’s the first time I’ve felt comfortable. As some of you may know I have recently been working to get healthier and lose some weight I had accumulated that I didn’t like and I have been quite successful dropping 16 pounds since I started in July. Keep in mind that of course I was not always being super conscious about keeping my weight in check as vacations happened and we moved which ruins things.

The white tank top on the top has a sheer part on the front and a keyhole cut out on the back and it’s nice and flowy for summer seeing as having more breathable, loose fitting clothes is much nicer when it’s super hot out.

Finally the other white top has a collar and a kind of lace detailing on the front as well as a black ribbon tied into a bow which I absolutely love.


I don’t normally buy long sleeve tops because I do get super warm pretty easy but I have worn this first shirt that is a kind of reddish color and I actually didn’t get too terribly hot in it. It’s a super comfy shirt and it’s nice and simply to wear.

The next shirt is super soft and a little over sized and slightly cropped. What really caught my attention with the shirt was the knot tied at the bottom. I don’t know why cause it’s not the first shirt to have that, but it all just laid out nicely for me in this particular shirt.

The shirt with the cute cherries on it is also a cropped shirt and it has that weird kinda folded/knotted looking thing at the bottom. What initally made me want it was the cherries and the more I looked at it the more I really did like the way it looked especially seeing as I didn’t own anything else like it.

Finally, this last shirt is one of my favorites. It just has cat faces and says meow all over it and it’s super soft and comfortable and I believe this shirt and the cherry shirt are made out of the same material. I love cats (I have two pet cats for those who didn’t know) so of course I had to get this shirt.


And last but not least the best thing I purchased. It’s a mint dress that has Pusheen all over it with ice cream, and cupcakes and just all kinds of sweets on it. It’s super adorable and the cut is amazing and I am so glad I bought this dress.

Summer is not here yet, but maybe some of the stuff I bought and posted here will help you figure out some new summer clothes for yourself seeing as it definitely doesn’t hurt to buy summer clothes now!


My Summer so Far

We’re almost halfway through summer already and I decided it was the perfect time to catch up on what’s been going on in my life.


First off I got surgery done on my other foot for those who don’t know. Both of my little toes grew pointing inward, so I had tailor’s bunions and the outside of my feet always hurt at least a little, so that needed to be fixed.


I also decided since it was summer and Aaron said he liked my hair short better I decided to go ahead and get it cut. It’s so much easier to take care of now and I do like it short. I just couldn’t decide for the longest time whether I wanted short hair or long hair.


Something really exciting is that Aaron and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on June 28th. I don’t have any pictures from the day we celebrated simply because we were both just enjoying spending the day together and didn’t pull out our phones or anything like that.

And finally 4th of July was a blast. These pictures of fireworks are actually from one of our friend’s mom seeing as my phone was at 2% when the fireworks started. We went to a bbq at our friend’s house and later that day we got to a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. Because we got there so early we killed some time throwing a football and frisbee around and then we went back to our friend’s house to play with sparklers and set off a couple of smaller fireworks.

Summer 2017 so far has been a blast and I hope you’re all having a great summer too!!

Trying to Get Healthier

Lately I have decided that it’s time I tried to get healthier considering that I have definitely put on some weight and it would just be good to try and get healthier anyway. I would just like to say that I am not vegetarian or vegan and I do not ever plan on becoming either, so there is not point in trying to pressure me into becoming either by constantly saying I should become one of those.


I have set myself a goal to drink two of this bottle full of water. I might actually bump it up to three considering I’ve been making the original goal fairly easily. It may not seem like a lot but for me even if I cut out other drinks, I won’t just start drinking water, so I had to set a goal and it’s going great.


Our fridge is now full of a lot more veggies as well seeing as I have been having a salad every day for lunch which I personally enjoy eating a salad a lot. I just sometimes like a burger or something else more.


This last grocery shopping trip I didn’t buy any frozen food either (the mozzarella sticks only have two left and that’s from when I just had surgery and couldn’t stand in order to cook food). I have been actually making dinner from recipes hence also why there are more vegetables in the house. The only thing that gets frozen is the meat to make sure it doesn’t go bad before I can get to making dinner with it.

With trying to be more healthy I am not completely cutting out bad things like soda and more unhealthy foods. I am just trying to limit my intake of them and make healthier foods and water my more normal every day diet.

I also have started walking the dog again and I’m doing the exercises I can, but of course my foot is still healing, so out of my two ten minute work out routines I can only do about 6 and half minutes of one. I’m not really sure why I decided to share this, but why not? Maybe it will inspire other people to not necessarily do this exact thing, but something else to help them feel better about themselves (not saying that you have to hate yourself in order to want to change things of course).

Quick Update

I don’t really have any pictures or anything to add to this post, so sorry if it’s a little boring looking. I haven’t been doing much recently, so there hasn’t really been anything for me to write about on here as I have just been sitting around the apartment waiting for my foot to heal.

Seeing as summer has finally started hopefully we will do a bunch of cool stuff this summer that I can write about. I know in August we are going to be doing something extremely fun and awesome and this month is Aaron and I’s third anniversary.

For now though, I will just leave this quick little update here just to make sure people don’t think I’ve given up on this blog or anything like that. Have a happy summer!!

Some Stuff I Bought Recently

It has been a bit of a crazy month seeing as it was my birthday this month, I had surgery, and just some other crazy personal stuff, so I wasn’t really able to write much. Today I decided to share some stuff I bought recently.


As you may know Eevvee and it’s evolutions are my favorite pokemon, with Sylveon being the absolute favorite. I already have some Eevee bags, but one more couldn’t hurt and this one was smaller for when I only needed my wallet and phone which I find very convenient and easy to use.


It’s been getting starting to get super hot like it does in Colorado (yes I know there are hotter and worse places, the thing is I get super hot really easy), so I needed to get some tank tops that had lower cut arm pit holes for my rather sweaty self. This Zelda one looked awesome and it is super comfy and does exactly what I need it to.


This next and final tank top is one of my new favorite shirts. The arm pit holes are cut super low, it’s black so you can’t see any sweat, and it has Umbreon on it. It’s even better cause it’s like I’m carrying my dog with me when I wear it seeing as she is named after this pokemon.


My last item or items cause it came in a set of five are these adorable kitty socks. They are ankle cut which are the only kind of socks I wear and the colors are pink (obviously), light blue, lilac, black, and white.

That’s all I have to show for this post. I will hopefully be writing more soon as I really do enjoy writing on this blog and I know I don’t do it nowhere near enough.

Must Clean

Well seeing as today is my normal cleaning day, I decided to take things a step above and do some super cleaning. I’ve heard plenty of stories of how strict the army can be with how clean your apartment has to be when you leave it, so I figured it would be best to get a jump instead of waiting till the last second.

Of course the place still isn’t perfect, but it at least looks a lot better than it did previously. And I hopefully won’t have to spend an entire day cleaning when the time comes.

I also completed the last grocery shopping trip for while we are living in Germany. Since we don’t know the exact date we’ll be out of the apartment I did a have shopping trip and bought dinners for a week and a half, some breakfast and that was pretty much it. We still have plenty of sandwich stuff for lunch which lead to me just buying some more bread. I figured that would be better than buying more food and just having to give it away cause we had too much.

Today also got pretty warm or at least to me it felt like it got pretty warm. I do miss the warm weather, but I don’t want it to get too warm while we’re still here in Germany because at least in the Wiesbaden area it’s very humid and that just makes the heat worse.

Not much else to say, so I guess that’s it for today. Talk to you next time!